Waterloo Park is a much loved and well used community facility.  Through consultation we knew that park users and local residents were concerned that some areas of the park were becoming neglected.

In 2017, in partnership with Norwich City Council and Park Britannia, we formed a Friends of Waterloo Park community group to help make improvements to the park.

The Friends of Waterloo Park are now an independent charitable group with over 60 members.  Big Local have awarded £10,000 to the group to help them carry out a range of improvement activities and community events in the park.  For more information you can visit their Facebook page Friends of Waterloo Park.

My Waterloo Park Photography Competition

In 2018, Big Local in partnership with the Friends of Waterloo Park, asked local residents to show in photographic form why Waterloo Park is such a special place.  We received over 50 entries, the standard of the photographs was very high, here are some of the winning entries...

Paul Groombridge
Livia 2
Lisa Daniels
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Funder Logo 2