In our final Community Plan, we will continue working with Catton Grove Community Centre to deliver an affordable, accessible range of activities to support and improve your health and well-being.

Activities such as our gentle exercise, Zumba, yoga and Friday fitness sessions support local residents to become healthier and more active.  Activities such as our arts and crafts group encourages creativity in an informal, social setting and our online relaxation sessions can help you to calm your mind and manage stress and anxiety.

For more details about our Big Local health and well-being activities at the Community Centre give Big Local a call on 07761 426381 or send us a message via our Contact Us page.


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Outdoor Sports and Fitness Sessions

In addition to our activities at the Community Centre, we will also be offering a range of outdoor sports and fitness sessions using parks and open spaces such as Waterloo Park and Pointers Field.  These sessions could be for any age range and any level of fitness.  What would you like to do - please share your ideas with us!

Outdoor Fitness
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